Big Dog Country


WKZC FM “Big Dog Country” is the station that reaches across all demographic groups. The country format transformation that occurred in the 1990’s has continued to present day. The country fan ranges in age from 18 to 80, urban and rural, across all income and sociological groups. The Big Dog Country format is considered main stream with all the contemporary artists on a regular basis with the occasional country classic title programmed for the older demographic listener.

WKZC-FM delivers your commercial message with 17,500 watts of power and 24 hours daily. Big Dog Country’s high power emanates from a 330 foot tower strategically located midway between Ludington and Manistee, delivering the best coverage possible for Mason (Ludington) and Manistee City and County.

Commercial announcements are limited to 8 minutes per hour. The end result is your commercial message is showcased within our entertainment formula, assuring Big Dog Country listeners hear your important message.

Commercial messages are available in sixty and thirty second increments. Fifteen second commercials are available as bookends.

Recognized agencies are commissionable.

Invoice terms are net thirty. Rates per commercial range from ten to thirty dollars. Long term discounts may apply.

Contact for specific rates, avails and programming specials.

Or Phone 231-843-0941 extension 13

Or Fax 231-843-9411

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